Making the most of the 5 second rule for the bathroom

How to stage a bathroom

The Top Tips for Staging Your Home

The Top Tips for Staging Your Home The top tips for staging your home are fresh paint, clean as a bald head and freshly washed windows.  These are all doable and fairly inexpensive and you...
Smart homes

Next Up – Smart Home Devices

In 2018, I came upon more and more smart home devices in the homes I was showing and selling.  Smart devices are "next up" on our spectrum of higher technology that will integrate into...
the danos

Tips for Unmarried Couples Buying Real Estate

Recently I went to dinner with friends and when the check came, the calculators came out.  They split everything down to the penny.  It wasn't only their dinners but they used this method for...
permeable pavers

Top 5 Home Improvements for ROI in St Louis

The best home improvements for return on investment in St  Louis and across the country are always a popular conversation between me and my clients.  When we are in the home buying process, we...

High-tech gadgets in a minor bathroom makeover

It could be rewarding when you go to sell your home if you add a few high-tech gadgets in a minor bathroom makeover. Bathroom facelifts can be inexpensive and add just enough "interest" to...
Minor bathroom update

Minor Bathroom Makeover

According to the Cost vs Value Report 2016, the cost of an average bathroom remodel is $18,163 in St. Louis and the recapture is 61.3%.  However a minor bathroom makeover can have a substantial...
Curb appeal

Feeling good about coming home

Taking advantage of front and back entryways One of my favorite lines of advice to home buyers is not to underestimate the importance of feeling good about coming home.  The best way to accomplish this...