Client Testimonials

Ms. Sade 1/28/2017

I worked with a couple of other agents before meeting Barbara and cannot say enough great things about her as a person and agent. She was professional, reliable, accessible, and places her client’s needs first. As a first time home buyer I was lucky to have Barbara by my side.

Chris Arbak 1/24/2017

Barb listed and sold three Saint Louis area homes for us, and also sold us two homes in the process. We most recently worked with Barb in 2014. I can’t say enough about Barb’s ability to understand our point of view, wants and needs, or her patience in working through the process. Her support in preparing for sale of our homes and for move in was indispensable.

Tracie 1/17/2017

Bought a Single Family home in 2016 in Maryland Heights, MO.My personal situation was very trying, to say the least. I was on the hunt for a home for my son and I for over a year and Barb was my rock. When I would get discouraged she was always there to help me rebound and remember what was important and not settle for less. My son and I are in a beautiful home and I couldn’t have asked for better, and it was at a decent price. I don’t plan on buying another house soon but would not hesitate to encourage anyone to call on Barb for assistance!

Arnie 1/15/2017

Sold a Single Family home in 2016 in Creve Coeur, MO.Barbara was extremely capable, competent and supportive as we went through a harrowing experience which involved several overbids for our new house, a buyer for our old house that seemed to delight in creating havoc and our need to unwind a contract for a house which we later decided was too expensive for us. Additionally we discovered the need for additional services . Barbara connected us with artisans that could make improvements quickly and reasonably. As a parting gift she bought a fan that our buyer wanted to close the deal. I sent her a check to compensate for her expense, but she refused to cash it. I recommend her to anyone that wants an agent hat is in your corner. I have already recommended her to my friends

Ryan 1/14/2017

Bought a Single Family home in 2016 in Kings Oak, Saint Louis, MO.Barbara was absolutely excellent. She took us to see most of the 77 houses that we looked at this last fall. There were times when my wife and I felt like we were going to give up the hunt and she always kept a positive attitude. There were times she even talked us out of settling for a house that we thought was good enough. She is an incredibly knowledgeable realtor and without her we would have never found the perfect house for us. In the end she truly seemed to enjoy finding our home as much as we did. I would not consider searching for a home with anyone else but Barbara.

Stefanie 1/14/2017

Bought a home in 2016 in Lindenwood Park, Saint Louis, MO 63139.As an out-of-state buyer with very specific preferences, I was not an easy breezy client! Barb was great about keeping in contact with me on what was worth seeing, and putting together a productive schedule when I flew in to hunt. She was extremely knowledgeable about the history of real-estate in St Louis in various areas, so she made sure I knew the 30 years of ups and downs and didn’t get swept up in the latest fad. She has some experience herself with investing and she has good taste as far as I’m concerned as we were equally appalled by some of the flip attempts we saw. Quick look and we were out of there! All-in-all, I ended up in a house that was the right price point, in the right area, in the right condition.

Ray 1/14/2017

Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $450K in Compton Heights, Saint Louis, MO.Barbara helped us through some very tough negotiations and technical issues during our purchase. She is polite, professional, and above all, honest. When/if needed, we will call her first.

Maria Perotti 1/14/2017

Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2015 in Northeast, Saint Louis, MO.Barb is awesome. She went above and beyond every step of the way to sell our house. My husband and I probably emailed her at least twice a day each and she was always quick to respond. She got us more for our house than I thought we could, and she helped us find our amazing home. We wouldn’t have thought to come look at this house, but she encouraged us to check it out, and of course we walked though the door and fell in love. And then she got us a great deal on it!

Lou 1/13/2017

Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $150K in Richmond Heights, MO.Barb is personable, knowledgeable, and easy to talk too. Barb advocated for our current home and guided our decision with competence and kindness. Barb’s 30+ years of experience was evident as she was able to answer all our questions (we had a lot being first time home owners 🙂 and lead us in the right direction so we could make the best decision possible.

Jeff S. 1/13/2017

Bought a Condo home in 2016 for approximately $125K in Saint Peters, MO.I’ve worked with Barb twice over the years and couldn’t be more impressed with her thoughtfulness and skills. Barb was the seller’s agent when I bought my first home and later, she worked for me as a buyer’s agent when I bought a home for my mother. I built a personal connection with Barb very easily and find her as a friend and not just an agent!

Jeff F. 1/13/2017

Sold a home in 2014 in Osage Hills, Kirkwood, MO 63122.Profesional and personable best describe Barb. She went the extra mile to sell a difficult property for me. She is a joy to work with.She arranged a short sale expert for me and did several showings until the sale finally happened.

John – January 2015

“Barb was a true delight to work with. She found cost savings every step of the way on getting the house ready for market. She also went so far above and beyond for me. I remember at one point a door needed to be hung at the last minute, so she grabbed her husband and they went and hung it themselves!! Unbelievable how much work and care she put into our sale and hadn’t even met me! I couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone looking to sell their home. Bottom line is she cares – don’t find that much anymore. Thanks!”

Andrej and Cindy – December 2014

Cindy & AndrejBarb,We just wanted to thank you for your above-and-beyond efforts.  It’s hard to believe we went through several seasons while our apartment came together.  Thank you for being such an outstanding advocate, professional and friend to us during it all.  It was a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to having you over to our new place.  Let’s hope we have a shower door by then! …. with much thanks and affection, Cindy & Andrej… Thanks for Everything Barb!  From the walking tour of the CWE to your thoughtful gift.  We thank you for all your time & effort!

Melissa – July 2011

Wurst living room“We engaged Barb to not only sell our house but to also find our new home that fit our criteria and budget.  We have found our dream home after about 3 months of searching and not settling.  Barb would know in the first few minutes of walking into a home whether it really fit our needs. At times, I could have “settled” but Barb would question us on conditions of the house we were settling for and make us rethink it. She wasn’t out to make the sale but truly wanted us to be happy with our ultimate decision.  Her rule of thumb – if you had to sell the new house within 6 months, could you get your money back. She made us think it through and was really focused on our needs and what we wanted and brought her insight into it with a whole new perspective.  Had we settled in the beginning, we would not have found the wonderful home we have now.For the sale of our home, it was sold in 3 months. Not saying that it is possible with every home and we had some challenges with ours but Barb put her heart into it.  She walked the neighborhood and passed out fliers, she sent out ezines to her regular client list and advocates for our neighborhood and most importantly, Barb created phenomenal online photo albums for the house. She would come out on days even when the sky was just a little bit bluer and take new pics and replace ones online (because she knows the search engines will pick it up more when new photos are submitted).  I can’t tell you how many homes we looked at online and wondered why someone would post a particular picture of a room in the house that was dark, couldn’t see it well, horrible shot, etc.  Barb is extremely competent in technology and photography.  In this economy, you need every edge you can get and Barb Heise was that edge for us.  By the way, the buyers were overseas and found our house online and fell in love with the photo album…….Melissa W. (Happy Buyer and Seller)”
Here’s what Sharon wrote:

Sharon – November 2009

“I listed and sold my property using Barbara Heise. The level of professionalism, market knowledge, as well as her connections with various third parties brought the sale of my property through to closing.Barbara has been in this industry for years and it shows. She provides her client with the best advice, marketing materials, and follow through available. That is exactly what you need to sell a house and I am grateful for her support. By no means was this sale easy or stress free and in this type of environment, having an agent who is knowledgeable and resourceful makes all the difference.I had my property listed previously with another agent. I received very little follow up, the house didn’t sell, and it took sometimes a week to get a call back. It was pitiful! My switch to Barb was the best move I made in getting my house sold and I will use her again in a heartbeat.Thank you Barb for a job well done!”