High-tech gadgets in a minor bathroom makeover


It could be rewarding when you go to sell your home if you add a few high-tech gadgets in a minor bathroom makeover. Bathroom facelifts can be inexpensive and add just enough “interest” to put your home on the short list of a prospective buyer.

Even though this is from an article in houselogic from 2012, I think it is still current.  Jamie Gold talks about the three hot trends in bathrooms. Conservation rules will be popping up as regulations which will affect your remodel plans.  New technology which involves iPhones, high-tech toilets (a bun warmer? or a toilet seat night light?), television screens in your medicine cabinet etc., can add some sass to a minor bathroom makeover.  New safety features in showers, tubs and flooring will become more popular as baby boomers age.

Pull up a high tech seat and listen to this: Toto’s Toilets offer nothing but innovation, high design and environmentally friendly solutions that we’ll benefit from long into the future. The bowls clean with every flush, there are many gorgeous, sleek styles to choose from and most include Toto’s unique high-efficiency, dual-flushing system.   This link takes you to ten high-tech bathroom gadgets.

And now we have 11 high-tech toilets – oh my goodness.  I guess it’s the height of luxury.  How about this one: The streamlined Kohler Numi ($6,400; visit Kohler.com for stores) is not only beautiful inside and out, it was built with the user in mind. It has a motion-activated lid and seat (which is also heated), advanced bidet functions, a dryer and a deodorizer. It also plays music, warms your feet and is illuminated – perfect for nighttime use.

This wall-mounted Neo-Metro miniLoo Toilet($1,210 to $1,794; visit Neo-Metro.com for stores) is designed for small spaces. It looks so futuristic with its stainless steel design.

This towel warming drawer seems so-so next to all of these high- tech gadgets but doesn’t it seem like a must have when you think about it?

“Our time in the shower allows us to take care of our body, mind and spirit, either by prepping us for the day or winding down before bed.” So it just makes sense that we check out some of the latest innovations in showering.  Seriously, I want to experience some of these – from water-saving showers to Chromatherapy.  High-tech Upgrades for a Luxury Shower Experience

Using high-tech gadgets in a minor bathroom makeover adds some pizzazz to the smallest and most essential room in our home. It all sounds like some creativity and fun can be had while making the changes.  And some of it is very affordable.

I just had to add one more link of over-the-top pleasures that makes me long for some high tech in my bathroom.

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