Locs of Glory

As a boomer I am living my dream life of quasi communal living

A boomer's dream of communal living comes true The communal living experience that my husband and I started creating about 3 years ago is working beyond our dreams.  We live in an urban townhouse in...
Choosing a School

Tips for choosing a school district when buying a home

Choosing a school district that fits your family needs Choosing a school district is one of the prime considerations of most of my clients.  It doesn't even matter the age of the family because, as...
Walk in Closet

Top 10 Trends in New Homes 2015

New Home Features that are on the way "in" and "out" The top 10 trends in new homes, according to a new survey from the National Association of Home Builders showed an increased interest among...
Credit Repair

Disputing your credit report could get easier

Credit reporting changes will reform the industry Disputing your credit report could get easier according to Marcia Stolle who is a loan officer with Paramount Mortgage Company.  Here is Marcia’s article: Disputing a mistake on your...
mattress money

Step by step process for creating credit in the US

Creating Credit in the US can be complicated for first generation immigrants My friend Vinh Tran is a loan officer with Pacific Union Financial, LLC.  He is first generation American and one of the best...

A story about selling homes

Selling homes sometimes requires unique solutions John and I were put in touch with each other through his attorney.  We met online in early June.  John is a millennial who currently lives in Chicago.  In 2007,...
Sample Survey

Title and Survey Examination For Residential Real Estate

Title and Survey Contingency Process The St Louis Association of Realtors standard Residential Sale Contract includes a contingency that Title and Survey be delivered to the buyer at closing with no defects.  When price agreement...

Warren Buffet says fixed mortgage a no brainer

Loan Officer Marcia Stolle writes about fixed rate mortgages Marcia Stolle is a loan officer with Paramount Mortgage Company.  In her recent article about fixed rate mortgages she mentions that Warren Buffet likes the fixed rate...