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Spring trees


Spring is a great time to enhance your curb appeal.  Here is a checklist of Spring yard clean up tips to enhance your curb appeal for the beauty that is Spring:

1.  Rake and clean:  Do an overview of your yard looking for broken branches and plants or shrubs that did not make it through the winter.  Now is the time to get rid of the last bit of leaves from the Fall.  Run a rake over the lawn to gather debris and aerate it which helps the soil warm faster and prevent fungal diseases.

2.Prune carefully:  Bushes that bloom in the spring (lilac bushes, forsythia) should not be pruned until the blooms die back.  Bushes and shrubs should be pruned in April.  Trim overgrown evergreens back to a branch whose direction you want to encourage.  Prune ornamental grasses back to 2-3 inches.  Divide and thin perennials like daylillies and hostas and, my favorite, lillies of the valley and start a new bed or give them to neighbors.

3.Oooh, crabgrass:  Deal with crab grass early in spring for a lush lawn this summer.  If you are using a product, get it down as soon as possible.

4.Fertilizing must be done correctly:  It is best to use an organic fertilizer.  Steve Solomon has formulated a homemade fertilizing mix.  (See resources below for more recipes.)  Another option is to check with one of the local nurseries (see below) for more tips.  Make sure you water consistently to prevent burning the lawn.

5.Mulch adds the finishing touch:  some people put a cardboard (biodegradable)layer under mulch to prevent weeds from popping up.  Use a wise hand with the mulch; 2-4 inches is a good guideline.

Pictured here is a front lawn in Parkview Place that got an early start this spring.  They did this before our 12″ snowfall.  Gotta love that Spring curb appeal.

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