Where Does St Louis Fit in the Real Estate Sizzle


So it’s a given that the country is experiencing another phase of the real estate market.  I have been selling in the St Louis area since the early 1980’s and was in mortgage banking and property management prior to that.  The current market is a new one to me and very puzzling.

It’s hard to keep current so I am going to post a few “numbers” here today about our city.  Here’s what prices are doing in the St Louis area over the last three years.  The median home sale in the entire St Louis MLS area has gone from $140000 to $210000 over the last three years (since January 2018).  This interactive graph shows the month by month progression.

According to Real Estate Witch St. Louis ranks 4th in affordability out of the 50 largest metro areas.  So even though we are experiencing significant increases in the prices of homes in St Louis it is still an area with many opportunities for owning your own home.  Feel free to contact me if you would like more information about looking for a home.

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