The Delmar Loop is a Destination Street


Hanging out in the Delmar Loop is a show in itself

When our son was in elementary school at Flynn Park in University City, many school events were topped off with a trip to Blueberry Hill in the Delmar Loop. Going to Blueberry Hill for a second grader was on the edge of “naughty”.  What! with all of the video games, the memorabilia and the bathroom graffiti, there was no place like it.

But that is true of the Delmar Loop.  It is like no other street in St Louis.  As a matter of fact it has been listed as a destination street on some of the lists on a google search.  Some of the points of interest in The Loop are the Chuck Berry tribute, the Walk of Fame with famous St Louisans, Craft Alliance, The Pageant, Vintage Vinyl – and the list goes on.

The best part about the Delmar Loop though are the people:  the people who own the businesses and the people who visit.  It is an avante garde place that attracts the artisans who have the verve to follow their dreams.  This video kind of says it all about the Delmar Loop.
(Video is thanks to the St Louis Beacon.)

Check out hree of my favorite places in The Delmar Loop :
Blueberry Hill Events 
Craft Alliance
Three Kings Public House

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