We all scream for ice cream in STL


Everyone has a favorite ice cream spot in the hot summer months of STL

Ice cream in STL is  a must – especially during our hot and humid summers.  So when my niece’s oldest son was about 6 we went to FroYo in the Delmar Loop on one of those hot sticky summer days.  When we walked in Faolin’s eyes got as big as saucers.  FroYo is self serve.  Everyone grabs a bowl and then has several yogurt flavors to choose from.  Faolin’s younger sisters were pretty thrilled too when they walked in, chose a small bowl and made their choices quickly, then sat down to enjoy their yogurt masterpiece.  But Faolin wanted to be more careful and we studied the yogurt flavors at length.  Then when he got to the toppings, his eyes got even bigger.  At check-out, this 6 year old boy spent $7.23 and ate every morsel.  My husband says yogurt isn’t “really” ice cream.  For myself, until my diet started, Fro Yo in the Delmar Loop was one of my favorite places.

Fro Yo
My husband’s favorite has always been and will always be Crown Candy in Old North St. Louis.  He is from the Kentucky side of the Cincinnati metro area which of course loves their Graeter’s Ice Cream (it is good, I agree).  But every out-of-towner we host is treated to lunch or dinner at Crown Candy.  My husband usually orders their bacon sandwich (a pound of bacon) and always orders their chocolate shake for dessert.  Crown Candy is a family owned business.  They make their own candy and are famous for their handmade chocolates.  Their old-time candy molds are a treat during the holidays.

Crown Candy
I have to mention Ted Drewes Frozen Custard here even though my husband says it isn’t “real” ice cream.  (There must be something about those Cincinnati snobs.)  Anyone who has lived through a hot humid summer in St Louis MO has been in line at one of the Ted Drewes ice cream stands.  They serve frozen custard and are most well known for their “concretes” which are milk shakes which can be held upside down and not spill out of the cup.  The good news – they opened another location at Cardinal Ballpark Village in March of 2014.

A new favorite place for ice cream in STL for me is The Fountain on Locust.  Their menu is great for all ages but the ice cream martinis sure make it attractive for the adult crowd.  At The Fountain they don’t make their own ice cream but they make some mighty fine concoctions.  Here is one that is on my list to try: Ugly Stepsister Beautiful! Vodka, Triple Sec, Orange Sherbet and Black Cherry ice cream.  They have milkshakes and a food menu that suits the palate also.

Okay now this place is fun and they let me sample some of their wares.  It’s called Iscream Cakes.  Wow!  Lavender Lemon is one of their classics and it is sooooooo good.  I also tried their classic Vanilla, Yummy.  But the best one was very surprising.  It was their Vegan offering of the day.  I can’t remember the name of the ice cream but it was made with coconut milk and berries infused with hibiscus.  Oh my goodness!!!  This shop moved from 2641 Cherokee Street in St. Louis MO. to an ice cream truck.  Their custom cakes are awesome. Iscream

Definitely going to spend the summer adding more places to this list so let me know if you have a favorite.

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