Do you have a view from the top



Yesterday I was privileged to attend two meetings with forward thinking people. Both meetings were upbeat and great learning experiences.

The second meeting was at the end of the day, a Friday at that, in person in a conference room with no outside view. It was dusk when we walked out of the conference room. One of the gentlemen in our group commented immediately upon walking out of the conference room “What an incredible sunset”. In the room we had walked into was a long span of windows at the top of the outside wall. I am at least a foot shorter than my friend who made the comment. All I saw was gray clouds and I voiced this. He laughed, pulled a chair out into the middle of the room, took my hand to help me stand on the chair and I saw a whole different picture. It was a beautiful orange sunset.

It caused me to think about how people see different things when I show them a house. It also caused me to wonder about people and their views of the world in general. It was kind of an aha moment that opens my mind a bit in my job and in my life.





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