Are you youthful, playful or classic?

The Nun Story

Does your home reflect your personality? For instance, I embrace the fact that I am quirky and I kind of like it when people walk in my house and can see that characteristic. Home decorating is an easy way to tell your guests a little bit about you and your family.

My European friend is a little quirky too. She recently decorated her condo as a furnished unit. She is very space conscious so in her bold living room she used a very colorful carpet with black furniture. The furniture pieces were very simple lines. Then she threw in some original art that was abstract and colorful.

One of my sisters has a very unique way of seeing things. She bought some old wood dining room chairs many years ago because she pictured them as characters. She now has 8 of these chairs finished and uses them around her dining room table. They are definitely a conversation piece and I must say I think they are genius. They make me smile every time I see them.

Art that is funky and fun

In my house I have two walls of greatness. In my family room I have collages of our ski trips with our granddaughter. Our ski trips are at among our best memories. I also have drawings from my nieces kids and our young neighbor. When my husband was very sick battling cancer and the treatment, I caught a moment with our kind neighbor protecting him from a slight drizzle by holding the umbrella while my husband grilled. About a week later, his three year old son brought us a picture to frame. When we asked him about it, he said “It’s my dad and Ron grilling”. We will never take this photo off the wall.

Art is very personal to me. I grew up in a rural area where quilt making was an art. Our rolling hills were natural art throughout the seasons with fields of wheat and corn. I like for my home to show people a little bit about our family values.

The picture below shows a wall we share with our neighbors in our backyard. Weather permitting, we have our guests and others paint anything they want on this wall. When it gets full, we paint over it and start again. This was painted by our neighbor and their now seven year old son in September of 2021. My husband was greeted with it the day after he was told he was “cured”.

This will be on the wall for a while.

I love to walk into homes that display the spirit of the owners. The sad part of my job though is that I have to advise sellers to lighten it up a bit when they want to market the home. That is the very worst part of my job.

What is your style? Are you classic, playful, whimsical, modern or contemporary? I’d love to see some of your home decorating.

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