2 Ezy-Pzy tips to help sell your home

Clean is king

Here are 2 Ezy-pzy tips to help sell your home faster

1.  A clean home is the most important element of staging your home to sell
2.  If you have major repairs that you were not able to fix before putting your home on the market, make bids/estimates available for the potential buyer.
The value of a clean home cannot be overstated or overrated when selling your home.  Before you even put it on the market it is a great idea to start at the very beginning – the driveway and make a punch-list of items that catch your eye.  Pretend you are the buyer and be hard on yourself.

Now that you have it ready to go on the market, the next seemingly difficult task is keeping it clean as a whistle while living in it.  Listed here are some tips to make your life a little easier during this time.

  1. Have a cleaning bucket ready.  This bucket should have an all-purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, rags etc – all the things you use to clean.  I highly recommend a cleaning product called “what-Ever”.  It is all natural and comes scent-free or Clary Sage & Citrus which leaves a natural clean scent in your home.
  2. When you get the call that you have a showing, start with the the kitchens and baths.  Make sure that your kitchen counters and sinks shine, wash off the appliances and move the clutter from counters.  Clean the toilets, put the lid down and quickly clean the mirrors.  Fresh towels in the bathrooms!
  3. Once the buyer opens your front door you have 15 seconds to grab them.  Take your cleaning bucket to the front door and start walking through your home as a buyer would.  Make sure there are no odors and that all clutter is removed.  Is there glass on your front door?  Make sure it is sparkling clean.
  4. In addition to kitchens and baths, all public areas of the home are important to potential buyers.  Clean off the coffee table in the family room, pick up the newspapers, does the carpet need a quick going over?
  5. The master bedroom is probably next on the list of importance.  Make sure the bed is made and there is no dirty underwear laying around.  After that, check out the other bedrooms for the same things.
  6. Make sure the laundry room is clean.  This is an important area of the home not to forget.  Throw a load in the washer and even the dryer just to get the dirty laundry out of sight.
  7. Odors can be a major reason a house doesn’t sell.  If you have pet odors or tobacco odors, get rid of them before you put the house on the market.  NEVER use plug-in deodorizers.  If you have a strong odor of tobacco, the walls may need to be scrubbed with vinegar and water.  Believe me, it’s important enough to your sale to spend a weekend tackling this project.

As far as repairs are concerned, if you know that there are major repairs needed for your home and you can’t afford to do them, get bids.  Knowledge is power.  If you and the potential buyer know the costs, it is easier to negotiate a sale.  Call in a rooferw, who knows, you might have hail damage that is covered by your insurance.  Contact me for a copy of my ebook Home Maintenance Checklist 2018 which gives you a mini-inspection list of things to check out.

When buyers notice big repair items, like bad siding, old furnace, etc, they escalate the replacement price.  Offering a home warranty or providing bids can calm some of their fears.

Today it’s your home, tomorrow it’s your asset.  If you would like a free home value report, contact me at 314-503-4856 or email barb@barbheise.com.

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