Villas of Kenrick

Villas of Kenrick in St Louis County

Villas of Kenrick Are Sought After Units In Shrewsbury MO The Villas of Kenrick are one of a few villa developments located in the inner ring of St Louis County.  There are a total of...
Venice Cafe Alley

Benton Park An Urbanized Neighborhood in STL since 1875

Three Samples of what makes Benton Park Neighborhood a great place to liveBenton Park is one of those city "subdivisions" that makes you happy when you drive into it.  To me, this is one...

Seller Consultations Before Listing

Seller Consultations Are a Vital Part of the Listing Process A seller consultation before listing to analyze current market conditions is a must. This article was written a while back but it is still representative of...
Maplewood Life Style

Maplewood Mo Real Estate Guide

Maplewood MO is pedestrian-friendly, has a night life and a strong neighborhood ambiance My fondness for Maplewood MO started at an early age. My mom would tell us stories about her years as a young...

Open Floor Plans Encourage Family Interaction

Are you looking for a modern relationship? Open floor plans encourage family interaction and I am finding that floor plans in homes are becoming a focus of homebuyers in modern relationships.  There is less focus...

Unsung Heroes Are The Strength of the STL Community

STL Public Schools are award winning I truly think that quality teachers should be proclaimed heroes.  Recently I had the opportunity to tour Nottingham Community Access & Job Training High School.  Nottingham High School is...

To-Do Lists Take Some Of The Stress Out Of Life

A To-Do List is the Most Important Part of Having A Productive Week I don't know about you, but the most important part of making any sense of my work week and staying focussed is...

Top 7 Home Improvement Projects For StL Homes

 These home improvement projects have a good return on investment Homeowners love to know what the payback is for home improvement projects. The 2013 Cost vs Value report proffered by remodeling Magazine compares the average cost...

Should St Louis City and County Kiss And Make-Up

St Louis City Population Rankings in the U.S. In 1876, the residents of St Louis City snubbed St Louis County residents by voting to be separate entities. This decision created an "us against them" attitude...