Earth Dance Ferguson

Ferguson Mo Is More than a Whistle Stop

With a population of 1000, Ferguson was incorporated as a city in 1894 (Ferguson Station) Ferguson Mo beginnings go back to the 1850s when William B. Ferguson agreed to deed a strip of land through...
Locs of Glory

Visiting STL from Cleveland the Delmar Loop Was His Destination Street

I caught him red-handed taking a picture of the Chuck Berry Statue In The Delmar Loop It was about 10 a.m. in the middle of the week.  The Delmar Loop wasn't quite awake but sure...

Webster Groves MO Is a Community that Satisfies the Sensibilities

Webster Groves Mo where happiness and satisfaction rank high above ostentation When I hear "Webster Groves MO", I think wholesome family living and pride of community.  In 2011 Webster Groves was listed by CNN as...

Central West End (CWE) Real Estate Guide

Stylish, Sophisticated, Bohemian, Exciting, Cosmopolitan = the Central West End Neighborhood During a college break in the late sixties, I got my first taste of the Central West End. A group of us came to...

Clayton MO Real Estate Guide

Clayton MO became the county seat of St Louis County when the City of St. Louis, anxious to separate itself from its countrified cousins, split from St. Louis County in 1876, the county courts...

University City MO Real Estate Guide

University City MO has history and soul My husband and I are both baby boomers.  Neither of us are native St Louisans.  We both had the much talked about baby boomer attitude of taking on...

Skinker DeBaliviere Real Estate Guide

Skinker-Debaliviere Neighborhood My husband and I moved to the Skinker DeBaliviere neighborhood about 2 years ago.  We love it. We are so impressed with delightful community spirit exists in this neighborhood.  The neighborhood is busy...
Venice Cafe Alley

Benton Park An Urbanized Neighborhood in STL since 1875

Three Samples of what makes Benton Park Neighborhood a great place to liveBenton Park is one of those city "subdivisions" that makes you happy when you drive into it.  To me, this is one...